Our pupils took part in the final stage of the VI Vernadsky competition!

Students of GAU Kо OO SHILI took part in the  final stage of the VI Vernadsky competition with the  report “Investigation of properties and functions of PVDF polymer with addition of DBF plasticizer” in the section “Human Physiology, biochemistry and new materials” 📰

The project was developed during the “Amber Sparks 2021”  under guidance of the 1-st year PhD student Stanislav Vorontsov

I really enjoyed working with talented and motivated guys! The team has done a lot of work: studied theoretical foundations of polymer production, chemical methods for nanoparticle synthesis, creation of composite materials, and presented the work suggesting using developed material for biomedical applications. 
We will be always glad to meet you in our Center, because the science is not only fun, but also entertaining!
I would like to express my gratitude to my colleagues Valery Savin and Artem Ignatov for their help in working on the project. Following the results of defense, the team was recognized as one of the most active participants in the scientific discussion. All the students received first degree diplomas!

Congratulations to guys and wishing new success!✨