11 November - 11 December, 2019

Dr. Alexander Musorin visited the LNMM

In 2019 LNMM was visited by a young researcher Dr. Alexander Musorin from the Laboratory of Nanophotonics & Metamaterials (Lomonosov Moscow State University) for 1 month from November 11th till December 11th.

We discussed a lot of exciting topics and problems and launched a new setup for joint experiments. During this stay, Dr. A. Musorin helped a lot with adjusting and automatization of this setup for study spectral and field dependences on magneto-optical effects in visible and IR light.

We believe this fruitful collaboration brings fresh ideas and high-impact publications.


18-25 January, 2019

Dr. Franciscarlos Gomes da Silva visited the LNMM

Dr. Franciscarlos Gomes da Silva has visited the Laboratory of Novel Magnetic Materials for the period from 18 to 25 January 2019, to give the lectures for students about an investigation of structural properties of nanomaterials with XRD and TEM techniques. Moreover, we discussed plans about collaboration with Institute of Physics University of Brasília.

13-16 December, 2018

Prof. Rastislav Varga from Pavol Jozef Safarik University visited LNMM

Prof. Rastislav Varga from Pavol Jozef Safarik University (Kosice, Slovakia) visited LNMM in the period from 13th to 16th of December 2018. He helped to establish a new set-up for measuring the velocity of the domain wall propagation at low temperatures. Part of this set-up was assembled by a PhD student of the LNMM – Irina Baraban. Also, Prof. R. Varga held a master class on work on this new setup.

This visit was supported by the Russian Academic Excellence Project «5-100» at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.


13 December, 2018

Prof. Alexey Ognev visited the LNMM

Professor Alexey Ognev from the Far Eastern Federal University visited the LNMM. He has got acquainted with the facilities of the Science and Technology Park “Fabrika” and found out the research directions at IKBFU. Also, Professor Ognev was an opponent at the Christina Gritsenko PhD defence. We thank Alexey Ognev for the visit and hope to start a good collaboration in future.

9-12 December, 2018

Two researchers from Italy visited LNMM in the framework of the Advanced Nanomagnetism Workshop 2. During this visit we had a set of lectures and seminars about modern topics in nanomagnetism as well we discussed the joint projects and new ideas to collaborate. Dr. Claudio Sangregorio from Istituto di Chimica dei Composti OrganoMetallici (ICCOM-CNR, Polo Scientifico di Sesto Fiorentino) gave a lecture entitled “Tailoring magnetic nanoparticle properties towards applications“. Dr. Gaspare Varvaro from Istituto di Struttura della Materia (ISM-CNR, Area della Ricerca Roma) gave a lecture entitled “Magnetic data storage and recording technology


Postdoc from National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Anna Pazniak visited LNMM to join the Advanced Nanomagnetism Workshop 2. She gave a lecture about novel magnetic compositions with MAX-phase chemistry and their 2D derivatives – MXenes, which are in the frontier of today’s 2D technology. The collaboration with LNMM on the topic of MAX-phases and MXenes was established and even the first collective experiment was carried out on MAX-phases samples, synthesized in “Fabrika” Park of Science and Technology. We were pleased to be able to share Anna’s experience on this fascinating topic and hope the ongoing collaboration will be fruitful.

This visit was supported by the Russian Academic Excellence Project «5-100» at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.

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17 November – 2 December, 2018

Dr. Sonja Jovanović visited the LNMM

At the end of November, a great specialist in the field of nanoparticles Dr. Sonja Jovanović from the Advanced Materials Department, Jožef Stefan Institute (Ljubljana, Slovenia) visited the LNMM. She helped us to set up a new chemical laboratory focused on the synthesis of nanoparticles. Dr. Sonja Jovanović also taught the laboratory staff to methods of nanoparticles synthesis and functionalization of their surface. In the end, she gave a lecture on her experience in hydrothermal synthesis of nanoparticles.

This visit was supported by the Russian Academic Excellence Project «5-100» at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.


19-25 November, 2018

Anna Semisalova and Sebastian Wintz visited the LNMM

Dr. Anna Semisalova from Helmholtz-Zentrum, Institute of Ion Beat Physics and Materials Research, Dresden and Dr. Sebastian Wintz from Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland gave lectures to master students in physics and LNMM members. They also gave a series of seminars and discussions with the laboratory staff. We started a joint project devoted to measurements and analysis of ferromagnetic resonance in magnetic microwires. Dr. Anna Semisalova gave lectures on magnetoresistance effects, magnetism at micro- and ferromagnetic resonance – Theory and Applications. Dr. Sebastian Wintz told about spatially and time-resolved magnetization dynamics.

This visit was supported by the Russian Academic Excellence Project «5-100» at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.


15-18 November, 2018

Prof. Alexander Kamzin visited the LNMM

Prof. Alexander Kamzin from the Ioffe Physical Technical Institute (Saint Petersburg, Russia) visited our laboratory with a lecture on the Mössbauer spectroscopy method. Prof. Kamzin is a significant scientist in this field especially in the use of Mössbauer spectroscopy for the study of micro- and nanostructures.

6-9 November, 2018

Dr. Maxim Abakumov visited the LNMM

In the frame of Master Program “Functional nanomaterials and advanced technologies,” we were pleased to welcome lecturer of the course “Nanotechnology” Dr. Maxim Abakumov. Dr. M. Abakumov is Head of Laboratory „Biomedical Nanomaterials“, MISIS, Moscow. Dr. M. Abakumov has an expertise in the synthesis of different nanoparticles types, their characterization and biomedical application. The lectures were extremely informative, and the scientific component of teaching material illustrated the importance of this topic to the particular course. We are thanking Dr. M. Abakumov for making our course more successful and appreciate his continued support.

18-21 October, 2018

Prof. Dr. Goran Karapetrov from Drexel University visited LNMM

Prof. Dr. Goran Karapetrov from Dept. of Physics, Drexel University, USA visited LNMM in the period of October 18-21, 2018. He gave two lectures for master students in physics and LNMM researchers: “Spectroscopy of Correlated Electronic States in Single Crystals of Cu x TiSe 2 ” and “Evolution of Superconductivity in Mesoscopic Systems”. Superconductors are one of the few materials that exhibit coherent electron behavior on macroscopic distances. Superconductivity in TiSe 2 is very intriguing by itself as it appears with copper or palladium intercalation or under pressure in the intrinsic system. There were discussed the results obtained in CuxTiSe2 system and complex set of STM/STS and thermodynamic bulk measurements on single crystals. We thank Prof. Karapetrov for visit to our Laboratory and look forward for future collaboration.


17-30 September, 2018 

Prof. Dr. Montserrat Rivaz from Gijón Polytechnic School visited LNMM

Prof. Dr. Montserrat Rivaz from  Dept. of Physics, the University of Oviedo, Gijón Polytechnic School, visited LNMM in the period of September 17-30, 2018. She gave two lectures entitled “Basics on FORC analysis and interpretation (I’m hysteretical!)” and “Paper magnetic bioanalysis for point-of-use”.  We learned a lot of new and interesting about magnetic nanoparticles, bio-sensing, and FORC-analysis. We are looking forward to continue our collaboration with her laboratory. This visit was supported by the Russian Academic Excellence Project «5-100» at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.



13-18 August, 2018

Prof. Larissa Panina from National University of Science and Technology «MISIS» visited LNMM

Prof. Larissa Panina from National University of Science and Technology «MISIS» visited LNMM in the period of August 13-18, 2018. She gave a lecture on problems and perspectives of the manipulation of micro objects by high gradient magnetic forces.  Special attention was paid to the discussions of the joint scientific directions for grant applications. Also, Prof. Panina communicated with bachelors and graduate students of the laboratory which results in figuring out plans for the further joint research  works.  This visit was supported from the Russian Academic Excellence Project «5-100» at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.


7 August, 2018

Ph.D. Chemistry Elena A. Rozhkova, scientist from Argonne National Laboratory visited LNMM

Our resort town is visited not only for the sake of business, but also for a good time – to enjoy the sights of the old Koenigsberg or relax on the beaches of the Baltic Sea. Also a good pastime for any scientist will be a visit to LNMM scientific discussions. Such opportunity was used by Elena A. Rozhkova during her vacation. Ph.D. in Chemistry Elena A. Rozhkova, Scientist from Argonne National Laboratory (Lemont, Illinois, United States) met with the LNMM team. During her informal talk we discussed the possibilities of cooperation in the field of magnetic nanomaterials. Elena in the form of free conversation told about recent trends in  the field of nano and nano-bio technology, showed new article «Cell-Free Synthetic Biology Chassis for Nanocatalytic Photon-to-Hydrogen Conversion» (DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.7b01142), so we discussed the features of using nanostructures in combination with biological components for bioenergetics. Elena also talked about modern research in the field of cancer treatment and drug delivery («Gold Nanoparticles-enabled Efficient Dual Delivery of Anticancer Therapeutics to HeLa Cells», DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-21331-y). This useful informal meeting was possible thanks to the Russian Academic Excellence Project «5-100».  We are always glad to host wonderful scientists!


16-21 March, 2017

Dr. Karim Amirov from Laboratory of Low Temperature Physics and Magnetism of Amirkhanov Institute of Physics Dagestan Scientific Center of RAS visited LNMM in the period of March 16-21, 2017. He gave a lecture about problems and perspectives of multicaloric effects in ferroics.  Special attention was paid to the discussion of the joint scientific directions for grant submission and designing of vibration anisometer setup.


20-23 February, 2017

In the framework of 5-100 Program and FunMagMa incoming mobility project we were glad to host Prof. Andrei Rogalev from The Electronic Structure, Magnetism and Dynamics (EMD) group, ESRF. We are grateful to him for very well understood lectures and details consultations and for fruitful discussions of our tasks related to amorphous microwires.

Dr. Andrei Rogalev

7-9 February, 2017

Dr. Davide Peddis, Dr. Sara Laureti and Dr. Gaspare Varvaro from the Institute of Matter Structure of the Italian National Research Council (Rome, Italy) gave lectures and seminars in the framework of “Advanced nanomagnetism workshop” organized by FunMagMa center and LNMM. The lectures given by our visitors were about investigation of magnetic properties of thin films, EXAFS study of magnetic metallic alloys, superparamagnetism and supermagnetism state in assembly of nanoparticles. Last day of workshop was consisted of Colloquium and poster session where members of LNMM and students of IKBFU presented their achievements and discussed scientific results with invited researchers.

Dr. Davide Peddis, Dr. Sara Laureti and Dr. Gaspare Varvaro

July-August, 2016

Mrs. Liudmila Makarova, Phd student from Magnetism Department, Faculty of Physics, Lomonosov MSU, visited LNMM in July-August 2016. Series of experiments and seminars as a part of joint RFBR project realisation were held at STP “Fabrika”.The purpose of the work is to investigate the novel multiferroic composite materials based on polymer matrix. At the first stage the investigation of phase transition properties of mentioned materials (bulk and powder) was carried out with help of Differential Scanning Calorimeter NETZSCH 204 F1 Phoenix. Ball milling (Retsch E-Max) was used to produce micro-sized powders. The supervisor of the project is the Head of LNMM – Assoc. Prof. Rodionova Valeria, the host LNMM member is Mr. Alexander Omelyanchik.


23 June, 2016

Chemists Dr. Elena Golubeva from Lomonosov MSU (Moscow, Russia) and Dr. Olga Parenago from ZAO “SCHAG” (Moscow, Russia) visited STP “Factory” and had meetings with the members of LNMM and the Chemical Department of Chemistry & Byology Institute of IKBFU. The main topic of the meetings was the introduction of opportunities of the supercriticals methods for nanoparticles production. Another topic under joint interests was the use of labels based on microwires. We are grateful to the visitors for the fruitful and interesting discussion and looking forward to see them again in Kaliningrad!

Dr. Elena Golubeva from Lomonosov MSU (Moscow, Russia) and Dr. Olga Parenago from ZAO

19-24 June, 2016

Set of seminars, meetings and experiments with Researcher from Laboratory of Low Temperature Physics and Magnetism of Amirkhanov Institute of Physics Dagestan Scientific Center of RAS was held in the period of June 19-24, 2016. Karim Amirov has presented also the results of his thesis entitled “Magnetic properties and magnetoelectric ordering in Bi1-x(La,Nd)xFeO3 and xPbZr0.53Ti 0.47O3 – (1-x)Mn0.4Zn0.6Fe2O4 multiferroics” in the joint seminar of LNMM and Physics Department of IKBFU Physics&Technology Institute. Both experimental and theoretical aspects of the problem have been discussed. We are looking forward the extension of our joint scientific work and the solution of technical tasks.


19 June, 2016

Regular meeting of LNMM with Prof. S. Leble and Dr. Grzegorz Kwiatkowski (from Politechnika Gdańska, Poland) took place at STP “Factory” of IKBFU on June 19, 2016. Theorists and experimenters have joined their minds to explain the features of the transformation of the domain wall during its propagation along the micro- and submicro- wires with cylindrical symmetry. The truth is somewhere near but sure at intersection of theory, simulation and experiment!


13-19 April, 2016

Researchers from the Kotelnikov IRE RAS Alexander Kamantsev and Alexey Mashirov visited LNMM in April 2016. The main purpose of the visit was holding experiments in the Laboratory of Novel Magnetic Materials, but young scientists also took part in the internal round of Startup Tour 2016 in Kaliningrad together with the members of the lab.

All the experiments were carried out on FeRh alloy samples, thermally treated by the new method, developed in IRE. Magnetic measurements were conducted by using VSM in temperature range of 100-420 K. Additional measurements were made by DSC in order to know the latent heat of transition.  Thus, it was found that the heat treatment influences the hysteresis loop and changes the latent heat of transition in a special way

This work is a part of a larger FeRh alloy study aimed to optimization of heat treatment methods for further using in the applications of magnetic cooling, memory locations, etc.

Alexander Kamantsev and Alexey Mashirov

13-19 April, 2016

Anna Semisalova from Magnetism Division, Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf  (Dresden-Germany) visited LNMM. During the visit she gave two lectures. We studied in detail the working principle of the magnetron sputtering of magnetic thin films, challenges and opportunities of this method of sputtering. Next important topic that has been studied by us was the unique properties of iron-rhodium alloys. This alloys has unusual magnetic properties, so at about 100 C°  it has the transition from the antiferromagnetic to the ferromagnetic state. For members of LNMM was very useful experience Dr. Semisalova and the possibility of further collaboration was discussed.

Dr. Anna Semisalova

2-9 December, 2015

Professor and Doctor of science from Ural Federal University and University of Basque Country Galina Vladimirovna Kurlyandskaya has been staying in Baltic Federal University in lnmm. In  the framework of The Development programme of our university Galina Vladimirovna gave a lot of lectures about thin films preparung technology. Also she provided several seminars and discussions with PhD students, master students and bachelor students.

We are saying  a lot of gratitudes to Galina Vladimirovna for a huge work for us and with us, for interesting and very useful experience and for a pleasant companionship.

Galina Vladimirovna Kurlyandskaya

1-4 December, 2015

Prof. Dr. Rastislav Varga, the Head of the laboratory of optics and magnetism at the University of Pavel Josef Safarik in Kosice, Slovakia, has been visited LNMM to give a big review about magnetic amorphous wires and modern Heusler alloys. Big attention was paid to the applications of microwires and Heusler alloys in different areas of life. Also, achieved results and new ideas for future collaboration was discussed.

Prof. Dr. Rastislav Varga

29 November, 2015

LNMM was visited by Prof.Dr. I.I. Kireev from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Biology, Department of cell biology and histology. He is a Head of Electron Microscopy Department of Scientific Research Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology named by A.N.Belozersky.  His lecture “Superresolution Microscopy” was related to biologic aspects of microscopy investigations, all previous techniques of microscopy (history – the way to superresolution), their advantages & disadvantages. Invited lecturer showed us a fascinating 3D modelling of cell motors and 3D reconstruction of cell motion. Participants had a lot of interesting questions concerned with topic.

The seminar was held with a very inspiring atmosphere and was usefull for people who enjoyed. One of them – is master student Iuliia Novoselova from Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg. She has arrived in Kaliningrad second time and she will be in LNMM group and in Laboratory of Immunology and Cell Biotechnology by Prof. Larisa Litvinova of BFU during December. She is going to perform measurements concerned with biological applications of magnetic nanoparticles. Also, additional goal, is to have gain experience with laboratory equipment. Her work is performed in frame of RFBR grants for young scientists.

Prof.Dr. I.I. Kireev from Lomonosov Moscow State University

28 November, 2015

LNMM was visited by Dr. L.Y. Fetisov from Education and Research center “Magnetoelectric materials and devices” – research division of the MIREA. Together with groups of professor S.B. Leble and Assoc.Prof. Rodionova from BFU they discussed many issues related to magnetoelectric interactions in composite structures, novel magnetoelectric microwave devices, magnetooptical effects and measurements and theoretical descriptions of metamaterials. Great attention was paid to various points of cooperation, especially between theory and experiment. This workshop lasted all day in the friendly atmosphere and turned out to be very productive for all participants.

Dr. L.Y. Fetisov

25-26 November, 2015

Dr. Shapaeva Tatiana Borisovna, the researcher, lecturer and teacher  from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Physics, Magnetism Department, has been staying in LNMM for giving the several  lectures and consultations on magneto-optical effects. In BFU Tatiana Borisovna was talking about the Faradey, Kerr effects etc. Especially she gave attention to the development of the magneto-optical theory in MSU. All members of LNMM founded these lectures very useful for their investigations. We hope for further collaboration.

More other, Dr. Shapaeva – is the responsible person for the hosting of the students from LNMM in MSU at Magnetism Department for doing experimental eqducational practicum. We are sincere gratituded to Tatiana Borisovna for taking care of LNMM members and students.

Dr. Shapaeva Tatiana Borisovna

12-15 November, 2015

Small but very important for LNMM workshop on microwires, nanotubes and nanowires was held on November 14. Professors Manuel Vasquez (Materials Science Institute of Madrid, CSIC, Madrid, Spain) and Arkady Zhukov (University of the Basque Country, San Sebastian, Spain) gave the talks entitled “Magnetic nanotubes and nanowires” and “Engineering of magnetic properties and giant magnetoimpedance effect of amorphous and nanocrystalline microwires”. Doctors of science Grzegorz Kwiatkowski (Gdańsk University of Technology, Gdansk, Poland) and Valentina Zhukova (University of the Basque Country, San Sebastian, Spain) together with mentioned Professors and LNMM members discussed new possibilities of applications of unique materials with cylindrical symmetry.

And since the objects with cylindrical symmetry (micro- and nanowires) is the most widely presented research topic in LNMM, all our guests and almost all members of LNMM were involved also in discussion of scientific results, planned joint articles and future investigations. So, we thank our guests from Spain and Poland for a few very saturated and fruitful days for LNMM.

6-12 November, 2015

During this period of time LNMM was visited by Prof. Yu. G. Pastushenkov from Tver State University (link) with a course of lectures on analyzing the micromagnetic structure of different materials, transition between single and multidomain state of micromagnetic structure, hard magnetic materials and fabrication of permanent magnets based on rare-earth alloys.

At the same time Dr. K. Skokov and Dr. D. Karpenkov from Darmstadt Technical University (link) visited the laboratory with a review lecture on the current state in fabrication of permanent magnets and improvement of their properties. Dr. Skokov and Dr. Karpenkov are the graduates of Tver State University and work in collaboration with russian scientists from Tver, Moscow and Kaliningrad.

Tver State University and Darmstadt Technical University

2-6 November, 2015

Dr. Dino Fiorani, – the President of the Italian Magnetism Association, President of Joint European Magnetic Symposia IAC and Research Director Associate to Institute of Structure of Matter National Research Council of Italy visited Laboratory of Novel Magnetic Materials on 5th November. He met with members of laboratory, and gave a lecture on the magnetic properties of nanoparticles and interaction of embedded nanoparticles in nonmagnetic or antiferromagnetic matrix.
The key points of the lecture were the discussion of:

  • Static and dynamic properties of weakly interacting nanoparticles;
  • Super spin glass (SPG) – manufacturing and critical behavior;
  • Super Ferromagnetism;
  • Magnetic properties of ferromagnetic nanoparticles (Co, Fe) embedded in an antiferromagnetic matrix (Mn or Cr).
Dr. Dino Fiorani

29 October - 2 November, 2015

LNNM was visited by Dr. Valentyn Novosad from one of the advanced laboratories on magnetism in the world – Argonne National Laboratory (Chicago, USA). Dr. V. Novosad spent a few days (October 29 – November 2) during which he gave several lectures dedicated to Magnetic Vortex Dynamics and their applications including medicine and biology. The topics of the lectures:

  1. Magnetomechanical cell destruction and magnetic hyperthermia
  2. New type of drug delivery in without heating way

Other scientific discussions were continued in a more relaxed atmosphere 🙂

Dr. Valentyn Novosad

October, 2015

Prof. Alexander Granovsky from Lomonosov Moscow State University is a frequent guest of laboratory of novel magnetic materials. In this October A. Granovsky told us a lot about quasiparticles, methods of electronic structure calculation and transport phenomena. So during this year students of LNMM had a good opportunity to get a deep knowledge on condensed matter physics.

Prof. Alexander Granovsky

24-29 October, 2015

Dr. Michail Ipatov made the second visit to LNMM during this year from October 24 to October 29, 2015. M. Ipatov came from one of the most beautiful cities in the world San Sebastian (Spain), from University of Basque Country. He is a great expert in equipment for investigation of domain wall dynamics in microwires. And during this visit some features and ideas were discussed for usage of unique setups designed by Michail for LNMM. Also Dr. M. Ipatov gave a lecture on investigation of Giant Magnetoinpedance in amorphous ferromagnetic microwires.

Dr. M. Ipatov

16-21 October, 2015

Two scientist from Asia visited the laboratory of novel magnetic materials from October 16 to October 21, 2015. One of them is Assoc. Prof. Oleg Tretiakov from Tohoku University (Sendai, Japan) who told us about topological insulators, thermoelectrics, generation of spin current and spin Seebeck effect. Dr. Alexander Samardak gave three lectures:
  1. 3D Architectonic: control of magnetic vortices;
  2. Magnetic properties of Ni, Co and CoN wire arrays made by electroplating;
  3. First Order Reversal Curves method.
Also we spent a good time traveling around Kaliningrad region.
Prof. Oleg Tretiakov and Dr. Alexander Samardak

8 - 12 October, 2015

Prof. Michael Farle from University of Duisburg-Essen visited the laboratory of Novel Magnetic Materials from 8th to 12th of October. During his stay, we had an intense course on Nanomagnetism.

All days were full of scientific debates, discussions, new ideas and impressions.

We had a very good time and enjoyed the staying in our group of Prof. Michael Farle.


 27 September - 4 October, 2015

Dr. Davide Peddis, Dr. Sara Laureti and Dr. Gaspare Varvaro from the Institute of Matter Structure of the Italian National Research Council (Rome, Italy) visited the laboratory of Novel Magnetic Materials. During this time they gave lectures on the following topics:

  1. Interface exchange coupling in magnetic nanostructures
  2. Magnetic nanoparticles: “supermagnetism” regimes
  3. Advanced magnetic systems for ultra high density magnetic recording

In addition, we held many scientific debates and discussed the detailes of further сollaboration. And, finally, we had a good time with these wonderful scientists!


 4-9 September, 2015

Program – Abstracts – Biosketchs

Laboratory of Novel Magnetic Materials was visited by Prof. Samuel Bader from Argonne National laboratory (Chicago, USA) in period from 4th to 9th of September. During this period of time Prof. Samuel Bader gave lectures on the last trends and progress in spintronics entitled:

  1. Ultrafast magnetization phenomena
  2. Ferromagnet-superconductor heterostructures: a new twist
  3. Nanoscience and Magnetic Vortex Dynamics

In this period our lab was visited also by Prof. Alexander Granovsky (Lomonosov MSU, Moscow) and Dr. Oleg Tretyakov (Institute of Materials Research, Tohoku University). They gave us a lectures on solid state phenomena and basics about skyrmions.


25-28 August, 2015

The visit of Prof. Dr. Galina Kurlyandskaya coincided with forum for young scientists “Hybrid Technology and Biomedical Applications”. She gave the video-lessons and after that the students, PhD students and high school students from different universities and schools worked together under the supervision of Professor G. Kurlyandskaya to make their own videos just for 7 hours. As a result three scientific videos were created by three young groups:

1) experimental study of weak and strong magnetism using improvised means;

2) explanation of spintronic using of large scale models and formulas;

3) ferrofluids: preparation, study and handling.

scientific forum

Summer - Autumn 2015

During the summer and autumn LNMM was visited by two master students from Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg, Russia) – Yulia Novoselova and Anna Chlenova to perform the measurements and obtain the experience in area of magnetism and magnetic materials. The work was performed in frame of RFBR grants for young scientists.

At the same time master student from Gdansk University of Technology – Elizaveta Lyubchik had an internship in our lab.

During the staying Yulia, Anna and Elizaveta took a part in the life of the laboratory and helped with organization of IBCM-2015.


11-14 August, 2015

Prof. Fetisov Yuri from Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation was visiting the LNMM. In period from 11 August to 14 August passed 4 lectures. Topics of lectures: magnetoelectric effects in ferromagnetic/piezoelectric composites and spin waves in magnetic films.

One more lecture was given by Dr. Leonid Fetisov. He suggested to investigate the multifferroic materials with polymer piezoelectric layer or matrix and gave the state-of-the-art in this area.


5 - 11 April, 2015

From 5 to 11 April Michail Ipatov from University of Basque Country visited LNMM. He came to assembly new and unique equipment, designed specially for our laboratory: set-up for measurement of distribution of domain wall nucleation fields and train our members to work on it.


29 March - 6 April, 2015

Prof. Dr. Galina Kurlyandskaya from University of the Basque Country (Spain) and  Ural Federal University was visiting the laboratory of Novel Magnetic Materials as an invited lecturer and friend. From march, 29 to april, 5 took place a serie of lectures on Biomagnetism. These lectures were organized for scientists with different field of research: biologists, mathematicians, chemists and physicists; bachelor, master, PhD students and Professors.

Lectures topics:

  1. New “profession” of gold: from industrial tourism to bioapplications.
  2. Biomagnetism.
  3. Magnetism in nature (space, geomagnetism, magnetotactic bacteria).
  4. Biomagnetic detection.
  5. Introduction to biomagnetic sensors.

24 - 27 February, 2015

LNMM was visited by Prof. Alexander Granovsky from Physics Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University in period from 24th to 27th of February. During this period of time Prof. Alexander Granovsky gave lectures on several topics of solid state physics:

  1. Drude-Lorentz model
  2. Drude-Sommerfeld model (Free electron model)
  3. Density of states
  4. Bloch’s thorem (Bloch wave)
  5. Kronig-Penney model
  6. Nearly free electron model
  7. Boltzmann transport equation (BTE)
  8. Electron in magnetic field.

21 - 24 February, 2015

Prof. Nikolay Perov from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Magnetism Department (Moscow, Russia) visited Laboratory of Novel Magnetic Materials in period from February 21st to February 24th. The purpose of visit was to give the set of lectures on fundamental magnetism and to share experience with members of LNMM.


14-20 April, 2014

PhD-student Maria Lyange from National University of Science and Technology MISiS has deal with Heusler alloys under supervision of Prof. Vladimir Khovailo. She spent a week at LNMM to measure M(T) and M(H) curves for rapid-quenching ribbons from Ni45Mn40In15 Heusler alloy.