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Science in trend: why do young people leave to study in Kaliningrad?


Science at BFU: master students can choose studying directions

Prof. Yurov: master students will be able to create materials for biomedicine and energetics

Scientists from the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University and National Universtity of Science and Technology MISIS have learned how nanoparticles kill cancer cells


Physicists from BFU, Toyohashi University of Technology(Toyohashi, Japan) and MSU have developed a new method for detecting weak magnetic fields



Women who change the world!

Agents of Change Shortlist -
Dr. Valeria Rodionova

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Interview with Dr. Valeria Rodionova on the

Magnetic nanomaterials proposed to be used in the fight against liver fibrosis


Nanoparticles and magnetic fields:
how it works?


Nanomagnetic breakthrough: what to expect from science in the near future?


Russian physicists have created a sensor to observe the heart and details of machines

Found a way to control the properties of amorphous microwires

The effect of magnetic field inhomogeneity on thin metal films is revealed

Special Report by Anton Borisov - Russia 24