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We are happy to announce the Smart Composites International School 2023,  on the week starting from 13th till 19th of August for beginners and from 20th of August till 24th of August for advancers.
The main focus of the School is to provide young scientists the insights into the physics of composite materials for various applications.
The School consists of two sections: for beginners (students) and  advancers (young scientists).
Beginners are going to pump their knowledge and skills in the field of design and characterization of composites based on BFU in Kaliningrad.
Advancers are going to attend lectures of acknowledged scientists,
present novel results and take part in fruitful discussions in a resort region near the Baltic Sea.


Polymer-based elastomers and nanocomposites
Magnetic&magnetoelectric composites

Magnetic&magnetoelectric composites
Mathematical modeling of composite magnetic materials


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