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Dear Colleagues

We are happy to announce the Smart Composites International School 2023,  on the week starting
from 13th till 19th of August for beginners and from 20th of August till 24th of August for advancers.

The main focus of the School is to provide young scientists the insights into the physics of composite materials for various applications.
The School consists of two sections: for beginners (students) and  advancers (young scientists).
Beginners are going to pump their knowledge and skills in the field of design and characterization of composites based on Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad.
As the School is a satellite event to the Conference IBCM 2023, the Advancers are going to attend lectures of acknowledged scientists, present novel results and take part in fruitful discussions in Svetlogorsk – a resort region near the Baltic Sea. These events are going to collect leading and young scientists in one place giving them possibilities to share their experience in a welcoming atmosphere.
 Participation certificates will be provided only for full attendance of all lectures and practical classes.
  •  Attend basic course lectures from the world’s leading scientist
  • Work in labs
  • Complete a fundamental or applied project
  • Attend advanced cource lections
  • Fully immerse in the scientific environment
  • Present the results of your research

Or students can attend both!

to present their own scientific results or ones obtained during the first week of school
  • Polymer-based elastomers and nanocomposites

  • Magnetic & magnetoelectric composites

  • Synthesis of nanocomposite materials

  • Mathematical modeling of composite magnetic materials



Write a short motivation letter
  • Basic course of lectures from the world’s leading scientists in Russian and English.
    The path from idea generation to its practical implementation
  • Gaining skills in experimental research and computer modeling
  • Soft-skills training
  • Practical skills of preparing a conference speech
  • Presentation of your scientific results obtained during the first week of school
  • Food is provided
  • Well-being activities
  • Nice souvenirs
  • Certificates of participation will be taken into account as individual achievements when entering the IKBFU in 2024
  • Assistance in accommodation

Write an abstract for oral or poster presentation

  • Full immersion in the scientific environment;
  • Advanced course of lectures from the world’s leading scientists in English;
  • Communication with recognized leaders of world science.
  • Food is provided
  • Tour in Kaliningrad and the region
  • Nice souvenirs

Programme and Book of Abstracts

Download SCIS 2023 Programme and Book of Abstracts via link

Tracks for beginners

Synthesis and Surface Modification of Magnetic Nanoparticles for Controlled Core/Shell Composites

Synthesis and surface treatment of magnetic nanoparticles to produce core/shell composite systems with controllable magnetic properties.

Composite materials for water purification


Training in the synthesis and testing of the effectiveness of composite materials in the laboratory, as well as the development of water purification systems.

Controlled Synthesis of Magnetic Nanoparticles composed with PEG by Hydrothermal Method

Controlled synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles using hydrothermal method with polymeric coating, controlled size and magnetic properties.

Piezophotocatalytic water treatment


Piezophotocatalytic purification of water from industrial dyes using synthesized hybrid polymer-inorganic composite membranes

Application of Magnetron Sputtering Technology in Functional Composites

Application of magnetron sputtering technology for creating a conducting layer on polymer-based magnetoelectric composites

Mathematical modeling of magnetically active composite materials in Python using the finite element method in the FEniCS Project library

 The theory of large deformations of hyperelastic bodies in the context of numerical methods

3D Printing of Composite Materials and their Characterization

Application of XRD, SEM, Raman spectroscopy characterization on polymer-based magnetoelectric composite

Production of PVDF/PDMS Magnetic layered Composites by Doctor Blade Technique

 Production of polymer-based magnetoelectric composites using the doctor blade technique for precise control of thickness

*Track images generated by Kandinsky 2.1 neural network by Sber AI. None of the neural networks were affected


SCIS lecturers

Prof. Elena Kramarenko,

a full professor at the Chair of Physics of Polymers and Crystals, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow), Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Fedor Senatov,

Director of REC Biomedical Engineering, MISIS University of Science and Technology (Moscow)

Prof. Andrey Zubarev,

Chief Researcher, Laboratory of Mathematical Modeling of Physical and Chemical Processes in Multiphase Media, Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg).

Prof. Gennady Stepanov,

Head of the laboratory of magnetic pigments and composites, State Research Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Organoelement Compounds (Moscow).

Prof. Yuriy Raikher,

Head of Laboratory of Physics and Mechanics of Soft Matter at Continuous Media Mechanics, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Perm, Russia)

Prof. Alexander Granovsky,

Professor of Magnetism Department, Faculty of Physics, MSU

Mr. Sergei Kostrov,

Researcher, Enikolopov Institute of Synthetic Polymeric Materials

Dr. Sonja Jovanović,

Senior Research Associate, Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences

Dr. Zoran Jovanović,

Senior Research Associate, Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences

Dr. Farid Orudzhev,

Researcher, Dagestan State University

Dr. Kurban Magomedov,

Researcher, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

Dr. Oleg Stolbov,

Researcher, Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics of the Ural Branch of RAS

Dr. Petr Ershov,

Researcher, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

Dr. Ekaterina Levada,

Head of Biomedical Application Laboratory, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University


Dear participants of the SCIS 2023!

Presentations accepted in SCIS 23 are strongly encouraged to be published in the special issue of the “Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics” (ISSN: 1062-8738, https://izv-fiz.ru/en/about-journal/)

Manuscripts can be submitted in Russian language by sending the prepared manuscript with the accompanying documents to the conference or school e-mail before the 30th of August. Detailed guidelines for the manuscripts and accompanying documents preparation are given at the journals website (https://izv-fiz.ru/ru/forauthors/) or can be found in the attached file.

Authors of the accepted articles will receive the confirmation of publication acceptance in 2023.

For the questions according the proceeding please write to conference e-mail and the proceeding editorDr. Victor Belyaev vkbelyaev@gmail.com.

For Beginners

12 000 rubles

For Beginners + For Advanced & IBCM 2023

20 000 rubles

For Advanced
IBCM 2023

Young scientists
18 000 rubles

12 000 rubles

Please note! Organizing committee does not cover any transportation fees. Accommodation and registration fees might be covered for arriving students based on the motivation letters contest.

Motivation letters requirements and Abstracts template

In the motivation letter you should discuss your profile and experience in scientific research, as well as your thoughts on why attending the school is beneficial for you and your further career. Number of published articles and attended scientific conferences should be included if applicable. The length of the motivation letter must not exceed 1/2 page Times New Roman 12 pt. Motivation letters can be written either in Russian or in English.

SCIS 2023 Abstracts template cand be found by the link:  SCIS2023_Abstract_your_Surname


School e-mail: scis.smba@gmail.com

SCIS chair:
Assoc. Prof., Dr. Valeria Rodionova, E-Mail:vrodionova@kantiana.ru
Scientific Secretary:
Mr. Dmitry Murzin, E-Mail: dvmurzin@yandex.ru
Local organizing committee of SCIS:
Mrs. Valeria Kolesnikova, E-Mail: VGKolesnikova1@kantiana.ru 
Dr. Alexander Omelyanchik, E-Mail: asomelyanchik@kantiana.ru

For any questions contact:
tel: 8-981-450-54-57

Program committee

  • Prof. Larissa Panina | National University of Science and Technology MISiS
  • Prof. Yuriy Raikher | Ural Federal University
  • Prof. Alexander Granovsky | Moscow State University

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