Research engineers of the IKBFU visited Vyatka State University to study polymer composite materials and magnetoplasmic nanoparticles

Our engineers Dmitry Murzin and Stanislav Vorontsov visited the Institute of Chemistry and Ecology of the Vyatka State University in Kirov to carry out work within the framework of two grant projects of the Russian Science Foundation.

On May 28 – June 9 Dmitry Murzin investigated morphological and structural properties of core-shell magnetoplasmic nanoparticles with the gallium-doped ferrite core. These results will further optimize methods of synthesis of nanoparticles this type for use in magnetic hyperthermia and photothermal therapy.

The trip allowed me to get acquainted with new methods of X-ray diffractometry and transmission electron microscopy. In addition to performing my main work, I was able to get acquainted with lots of scientific groups of the Vyatka State University, their directions and instrument base. Based on the obtained scientific results and the warm welcome at the Institute of Chemistry and Ecology, I look forward to further cooperation with this scientific group.

Stanislav Vorontsov performed works of synthesis and study of polymer magnetoelectric composites made of PVDF and cobalt ferrite nanoparticles. The resulting composite materials were used to produce filamentous threads suitable for use in the FDM printing method and its further modification for printing smart magnetoelectric pressure and magnetic field sensors.


During the business trip to Vyatka, we studied theoretical and practical foundations of working with composite materials made of polymers and ferromagnetic nanoparticles, and methods for studying obtained samples. We managed to obtain filament thread that can be used to print smart materials using additive technologies.
I would like to thank the team of the Institute of Chemistry and Ecology for mentoring and assistance in learning new techniques for us, and the Russian Science Foundation for the opportunity to travel and improve our skills.

Dmitry Murzin’s business trip was carried out within the framework of the Russian Science Foundation grant No.21-72-20158 “Development of mesoscale hybrid magnetic particles for biomedical applications”.

Stanislav Vorontsov’s business trip was carried out with the support of the RNF grant No. 21-72-30032 “Development and research of multimaterials with magnetic nanocomponents for additive 3d-5d technologies”.

Let’s wish them new successes and excellent secondments!✨