What can be changed in Russian science in 30 years?

Ekaterina Levada, Head of the Laboratory of Biomedical Applications (REC “Smart Materials and Biomedical Applications”), on August 15, 2022, participated in the panel discussion “Big Tasks of Russian Science. Horizon 2050” as part of the First Summer School of Academic Excellence, organized by Tyumen State University✨

The discussion attended not only by scientists representing different branches of science, but also by industry representatives. The participants discussed what strategic tasks in the field of science and industry are on the horizon in 2050, what discoveries await us in fundamental science and what potential opportunities they open for working with the industry.

Ekaterina Levada: 
It was interesting to learn from colleagues what discoveries are expected in neurophysiology, chemistry, physics, materials science and economics. The participation of employees from Rosatom State Atomiс Energy Corporation ROSATOM and SIBUR helped to take a fresh look at the prospects for discoveries in the scientific field. Thanks to the organizers and participants for such an interesting format of communication!

More information can be found at the link➡