Pshenichnikov Stanislav-Praga 2019

Laboratory of Biophysics, Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences

From May 22 to June 22, 2019, a Junior Researcher of the Laboratory of Novel Magnetic Materials, PhD student Pshenichnikov Stanislav completed a scientific internship at the Laboratory of Biophysics, Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences. During the internship under the leadership of Dr. Oleg Lunov (Ph.D., postdoc, head of the Biophysical Laboratory), together with the team of the Laboratory of Biophysics, series of experiments on magnetic nanoparticles and microwires were completed.
Experimental data obtained during the trip compete with the previous studies of magnetic nanoparticles. It is planned to publish a paper on the obtained experimental data. Obtained skills and scientific results will be used for microtweezer systems developing during future internships.
This internship became possible through the mobility grant provided by the 5 top 100 Russian Academic Excellence Project at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. Stanislav thanks BFU and the 5 top 100 Program for financial support and the possibility of internships, joint research with foreign colleagues and the exchange of experience. The junior researcher is grateful to Dr. Oleg Lunov for the opportunity to acquire new skills and master modern methods of research, as well as supervisor Dr. Ekaterina Levada for setting the actual research task and helping to create the design of the experiment.